Pupils follow a curriculum built around the traditional qualifications associated with the National Curriculum, our highly skilled, specialist staff ensure an accessible approach to learning to maximise outcomes for students.

We build upon the prior learning from the Key Stage 1 & 2 frameworks, these are reflected in context statements in each unit within our Schemes of Work. Building on this existing knowledge, through motivating and challenging lessons, our Schemes of Work create smaller steps to learn new skills and knowledge via theoretical and practical activities. They are reviewed regularly to ensure embedded long-term learning through confident staff knowledge and appropriate progress steps. Additionally, there is a strong focus on developing communication skills, promoting positive mental health and independence.


In Key Stage 3 students follow a curriculum deisgned around the national curriculum. Our curriculum utilises themes to link learning and enable the working memory to embed new knowledge into the long term memory.


Here is a unit example of how the curriculum is stuctured and sequenced in core subjects

Shakespeare Traditions MTP.docx

Here is a unit example of how the curriculum is structured and sequenced with more student autonomy in foundation subjects

Art – Ph 1 Aut.docx