In this section we hope to give you the information and website links on School Transport.

 Taxis – Guidance & Useful Tips

  • Taxi drivers are only allowed to pick up and drop off at the student’s home.
  • Students are expected to be ready to get straight on the taxi when it arrives. The driver will have other students to pick up and every minute they are delayed will mean other students are late to be picked up. Students receive a free breakfast on arriving at school;  being late affects this too.
  • If your taxi hasn’t arrived please contact the taxi company and then inform school.
  • Get to know your Taxi driver and chaperone. They will be constants in your child’s life at school. Good relationships with them are important, they are experienced, helpful and part of the team around your child.
  • Get contact details of the driver so you can inform them of any issues e.g. your child is ill and won’t be in school.
  • Pupils living between parents can be picked up at either parent’s address BUT this has to be requested and approved by SEND transport first and should form part of a regular agreement between the two parents.
  • All requests for transport and any changes must be made in writing to SEND Transport and school informed of this too. Please give as much notice as possible.

Taxi Numbers

  • Borderline Travel 01912501476
  • Phoenix Taxi 01670541592
  • Darras Hall Private Hire 01661610184
  • Diamond Private Hire 01670353535
  • Luna 07878175998
  • S&A Travel 01670851320

Apply For Transport

To apply for SEND Transport please apply online directly through Northumberland County Council’s online application form (click here).

Contact Details

Northumberland County Council – SEND Transport  

Email: [email protected]

Phone:  01670 624 839

Further Information

Northumberland County Council’s website section for School Transport has been used as a source for the above information. If you wish see more in depth information, including links to the Guide to SEND Transport for Parents and Carers and Northumberland County Council’s Policy on the subject (para 4.8 refers to SEND students)  Click here